Revere and Rolex Rider Debbie Rosen Interview

Everything we do is handcrafted to perfection.



  • “I have been so delighted by the help I have gotten from Revere representatives.
    Not only were they so helpful, but they were so educated and ready to share their knowledge. Revere’s saddle are very well made and with both riders and horses in mind.”

  • “Revere Saddles contribute to supple musculature and optimal movement in horses’ top lines with their soft wool panels and correctly fitted trees. The service and follow up care for each saddle is exceptional. When you want the best for your horse, work with Revere Saddlery.”

  • “Black Silk Friesians use Revere dressage saddles for our Friesians and they are fantastic saddles. They are excellent quality and craftsmanship. We use our Revere saddles for show, schooling, and pleasure, and have nothing but great things to say about them. We regularly receive compliments from high level riders and saddle professionals about how well made and designed our saddles are. We are very happy with choosing Revere saddles for our horses”

    Black Silk Friesians
  • “I continue to LOVE the “Justice” for its deep and very well balanced seat that let me ride snugly through Whisper’s snow-induced, exuberant “airs above the ground” while trail riding on the California Coast 10 days ago.”

  • “As soon as the first Revere saddle showed up at the barn where I ride, I knew I needed to have one. They not only look great, but the leather is of amazing quality and most importantly the Revere team was gracefully precise and helpful in making sure the saddle fit my horse. I’d been looking for a jump saddle for years – the Revere Pride monoflap jump saddle is perfect for my horse and my riding!”

  • “I love my Revere..extremely comfortable and excellent quality.”

    Christine Rivlin
  • “I can’t believe how much better my horse moves. I’m so happy to have been turned on to you guys!”

  • “My Revere rocks!”

  • “I absolutely love my Revere jump saddle. It is comfortable, it fits both me and my horse, and it is such great quality. The process of getting the right saddle was so easy and the customer service is excellent; they really go out of their way to help customers and clients. I noticed a change in my jumping once I started using the Revere. It puts me in such a solid position my lower back doesn’t hurt after jumping. I don’t plan on riding in anything else.”