Just so you know where we're coming from

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality and impeccably fit saddles for competitive horseback riders everywhere. Many saddle companies contract out their production to Europe and South America, which makes adjustments and customizations very difficult once you have the saddle. When you buy a saddle that was made here, all maintenance and adjustments are taken care of close to home so you can be back in your Revere as soon as possible. With our saddle-fitters and saddle-makers close by, we are always here whenever you need us. When you buy a Revere, not only will you be getting the best fitting saddle, but you will be investing in a top notch customer support team that is a quick phone call away.

Saddle construction

All of our trees are specifically designed to allow for freedom of the shoulder and enhanced ease of movement. Our trees are made of laminated wood and spring steel, which makes them fully adjustable by any qualified saddle-maker. We only use real lambs wool to flock the panels, which not only makes each saddle more adjustable to each unique horse, but also reduces heat and friction on your horse’s back. And our leather is tanned especially for us to ensure it is soft and sticky while maintaining its durability.