The best Saddle Fit possible

Saddle fitting

Revere Saddles are made in many, many shapes and sizes to accommodate every horse/rider combination. We start with a tree that is designed to accomplish 3 specific goals on a horse:

  1. The tree points are cutback and flared to give the most shoulder freedom possible.
  2. The waist (twist area) of the tree is curved and elevated to pull pressure off the horse’s trapezius muscles.
  3. The longitudinal shape of the tree is chosen to match the shape of the horse’s topline for even weight distribution front to back.

On top of that, every saddle we make is flocked with 100% real wool for comfort, heat dispersion, and pinpoint adjustability for long term fit.

For riders we offer a variety of seat styles and flaps.  Need a: Narrow twist, wide twist, deep seat, open seat, monoflap, double flap? No problem!  We can make that customization to any saddle we make.


Saddle fitting options

  • You may request a personal saddle fitting session with one of our certified saddle-fitters. At a saddle fitting session a Revere saddle-fitter will come to your barn with a plethora of saddles in different shapes, sizes and styles for you to try. She will measure you and your horse to assess the particular saddle needs for the two of you. Equipped with vast knowledge of saddle construction and fit, she will be able to answer any questions you may have to ease your saddle purchase.
  • If you live outside of the areas our saddle-fitters cover, we can still help you! Simply call the toll free number (877-977-7383) or email us, and we will go over with you step-by-step how to measure yourself and your horse in order to provide you a saddle with the best fit possible.

*under license from JRD Saddlery