Have a unique breed? Revere has you covered.

The majority of jumping and dressage saddles on the market today are designed with the “most common” horse in mind, which is usually a warmblood and/or a thoroughbred in some cases. While it makes sense why companies would design their saddles this way, it excludes many other breeds and forces them to “make do” with a saddle built on a tree designed for a horse with an entirely different conformation. While we do make many different trees to accommodate warmbloods and thoroughbreds, we also have unique trees designed specifically with certain breeds in mind.

What do you ride? Warmblood? Thoroughbred? Friesian? Andalusian? Morgan? Icelandic? Arabian? Each of the unique breeds has special needs for making the proper tree to achieve proper fit. We have tree designs for everyone of them. Simply get in contact with a Revere saddle fitter and he or she will be more than happy to go over the details of the needs for your breed and horse in specific.

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